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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 5
Goals Assignment for Day 6
Reading - In PHG, pp. 146-156(stop at end of response example) Read (or reread) Rose p. 110

Writing - A 1-paragraph summary of Rose and a 1-page (more if you like) response to Rose

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Daily - Summarizing Personal Literacy Reflections.
Students will reread their own essay and write a brief summary. Basically, we are asking them to write a one-paragraph (4-5 sentence) summary of what their essay is about.

Next, have students exchange essays with someone other than someone with whom they workshopped. They will read their partner's essay and write a summary of the essay.

Finally, they will read the summary their partner wrote of their own essay, comparing and contrasting it with the one they wrote of their own essay.

Discussion of Daily - Pull the class together for a discussion of what they did in their summaries, i.e. what they included and left out, and how their summaries of their own work was similar to or different from what the partner wrote about their essay. Try to get them to talk about why their summaries differed. This should lead up to discussing reading as an interactive, constructive, interpretive act. In other words, how reading is a transaction between the reader and the text. What we "get out of a text" depends on both the text and what we bring to it. That should make a nice bridge to introducing the response assignment.

Introduce the Response Assignment -Pass out the assignment sheet with a reminder that there is more info on the Web. You might at least ask if anyone used the Web version last time and how it helped.

When I pass out the assignment, I focus on the goals and an overview of the schedule. I ask them to read it carefully outside of class and bring questions back. I will spend some time discussing how summarizing, responding, and critical reading are used in other academic classes.