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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 4
Goals Related Handout
Assignment for Day 5
Revise Personal Literacy Reflection. Write postscript. Bring to class in pocket folder with all materials due to hand in.

Daily - Have you participated in peer review of your writing in the past? If so, in what setting (in a class, with friends, etc.)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a peer comment on your paper ? What are three rules you would suggest for making peer review effective?

Discussion of peer review - Discuss daily. You will want to emphasize that we want to concentrate on big concerns first in peer review workshops, i.e. content and organization over style and mechanics. Generate a list of peer review rules for the class.

You may want to pass out the Friendly Critiquing handout at this point if you choose to use it (see appendix--which one).

Workshop directions - Put up an overhead transparency or give them a handout with questions.

Have students pair up. Remind them to be sure the reviewer's name is on the comments!

This is a good time to refer to your workshop policy as a reminder.

If students finish the workshop before time is up, they should find a second person to read and comment on their draft.

Before students leave, remind them of what goes in their folder with the completed paper. You can have this on an overhead transparency or write it on the board. Be sure to clearly communicate your expectations for turning in the paper, including your policy on late work.