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Unit One, Day 2
Goals Assignment for Day 3
Reading - In PHG, "Observing," pp. 48-55; "Remembering," pp. 100-105. Read article you signed up for

Writing - Answer the following questions about the article you read:

  1. Explain in a paragraph what this essay is about.
  2. Choose 2 examples of descriptions in this piece that you find most effective and/or memorable.
Related Handout

Daily - Explain the procedure for doing the Daily writing assignment at the beginning of each class. Your explanation should include your expectations.

Cluster "literacy." Students should know what clustering if they did the reading for today, but you should remind them. Collect homework while students are writing.
[10 minutes]

Put your cluster on the board or overhead.
Discuss our associations, definitions with the word "literacy." Relate to language and culture topic.
[10 minutes]

Give Personal Literacy Reflection Assignment.
Your handout for the assignment should include a schedule of homework assignments and class activities through the day the paper is due. Be sure you point this out as well as the description of the paper assignment itself. You may want to have students volunteer to read the assignment aloud. Emphasize focus, showing detail, getting started, how readings fit in, due dates.

Inform students about the availability of the assignment on the Writing Center. You may want to give them a handout with directions about how to find it. At the minimum, give them the address for the Writing Center. Let them know that there are instructor comments on the assignment on the Web.
[10-15 minutes]

Pass out sign up sheet for article for tomorrow.
You will need a sheet with the titles of the articles you are using and spaces for names under each title. Remember that you want to be able to form groups that have at least one person who has read each article in them, limit the number of people who can sign up for each article so that it will come out right. For example, if you have eighteen in your class and you are assigning six articles, you should only allow three people to sign up for each article.

Explain that they will be discussing the article with classmates who have not read it.

Choose at least four different articles from the list below to use for this assignment:

In Exploring Language--
"Wordstruck" Eudora Welty, p. 35
"Homemade Education" Malcolm X, p. 40
"The Man That Spelt Knife Was a Fool" Johnny Connors, p. 44
"The Language of Silence" Maxine Hong Kingston, p. 48
In The Prentice Hall Guide--
"The Struggle to Be an All-American Girl" Elizabeth Wong, p. 26
"The Day Language Came Into My Life" Helen Keller, p. 107
"Lives On The Boundary" Mike Rose, p. 110

Discuss Baker essay, examples of dominant impression, showing detail.
[20 minutes at most]

Summarize what the essay is about--Baker is given an essay assignment and ends up writing about eating spaghetti. The teacher reads it, is amused by it as are classmates. He feels sense of accomplishment. A turning point in his decision to become a writer. He liked amusing people.

Define how a dominant impression or main idea is different from a thesis but is still the point the writer is making.

What is the main idea or dominant impression: Getting a good reaction from writing makes him want to write more. Writing what he wanted and knew about worked.

Explain why it is important to show rather than just tell. Give some examples of vague telling words contrasted with showing details.

What are some good examples of showing details in the Baker piece? repetition of primly in description of Mr. Fleagle, specific details about when this happened, who was involved. Physical description of the teacher. Key scene that he wrote about. How people reacted. What teacher said. How he felt.

Connect to students writing. They will be analyzing the articles they are reading for Friday in this way. This will help them become conscious of techniques writers use and will help them in using those techniques for their own purposes.