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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 18
Goals Related Handout
Assignment for Day 19
Public Literacy essay due in folder with all relevant materials. You may wish to add to this assignment depending on what you plan to do next class.

Revision lesson - You will create a 20-25 minute lesson based on the needs of your class. You may have discovered in grading the Response essay that students need help with development. Or in reading those papers, you may have seen that students still need help with paraphrasing. Perhaps during conferences last week you saw that students were having a lot of trouble with organization. In any case, focus this time on the most significant problem you've seen that the greatest number of students in the class share. Be sure to have examples on hand to use in your lesson.

Mini workshop - Have students trade papers and review each other's drafts, looking for the particular problem that the revision lesson addressed. For example, this summer I taught a lesson on developing to answer why and how questions. In the workshop, I had students, write why and how questions in the margins of the draft where they wanted/needed more information.

As always, be sure to provide written directions for the workshop and remind students to sign their names to the drafts they review.