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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 12
Goals Assignment for Day 13
Write a one-paragraph summary of each of the following articles: Tan, Naylor, Kingston and Wong.

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Daily - Using the list of readings made for today, make a list of at least five subjects, issues, and/or ideas addressed by our readings.

(Encourage working together on this.)

As a class, generate a list of subjects/issues/ideas from the readings. Add/connect with topics of Personal Literacy essays together.

Some of the issues I might add to the list if they don't come up with them include the following:

As you survey this list, this is a good opportunity to note how the process in which you've just engaged, i.e. reviewing course readings, briefly summarizing, noting common themes, etc., can be an effective study strategy for other courses.

You will now want to make the connection to the upcoming paper assignment. In this essay, we'll be demonstrating what we have learned so far by creating and responding to questions about key issues in language and culture. We will focus on writing to explain our understanding of these issues as it has been influenced by our experiences and the texts we've read in class.

Introduce Public Literacy Assignment - Hand out hard copies of assignment. Remind students the assignment is on the Web page with comments. I might ask if anyone has looked up the comments on the previous assignments and what help they've been.