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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 10
Goals Assignment for Day 11
Revise Response essay to hand in. Bring it in a folder with collecting, drafts, etc. Write postscript to Response essay. Also bring a pencil and your PHG for use in final draft editing workshop. Review the comments on your Personal Literacy Reflection and see what style errors you made.

Related Handout

Daily - Paraphrasing exercise. (See Appendix 9 and Appendix 10 for possibilities.)

Discussion - Look at effective and ineffective paraphrases of the quotes. The main problem students have is with actually putting the text into their own words; rather, they merely rearrange the author's words.

Show some examples of using partial quotes and of edited quotes.

Show example or two that need more development and discuss how to improve these.

Mini-workshop - (allow 15-20 minutes) Have students exchange their essay with a new workshop partner, noting places that could use more development, where paraphrases could be used instead of quotes, and where paraphrasing could be improved.