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Using Logical, Character, and Emotional Appeals as Appropriate: There are a variety of strategies that authors use to affect an audience. Your choice of strategy depends heavily on your analysis of your audience and your purpose. Some audiences, for instance, are more likely to be affected by an emotional appeal. For instance, if you're trying to mobilize people for a protest march, you might decide to appeal to their sense of injustice as a means of getting them to act. On the other hand, if you want to convince a group of professors to accept a new idea, you are likely to find greater success if you appeal to logic.

The character of the writer is also important and can be used to appeal to an audience. You can appeal to an audience through your character by showing that you are reasonable and credible or perhaps have been affected by this issue personally.

Typically, academic arguments are most successful when they rely more heavily on appeals to logic and character than on emotional appeals.

Resources are available to help you learn more about appeals. If you would like to read more about appeals, click on the link below:

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