Rhetorical Prospectus for your Arguing Essay
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The word "prospectus" comes from two Latin words: "Pro" means "For" (the same place we get words like "proficient" and "pro-choice"), and "spectus" means "seeing" (the same place we get words like "spectacle" and "prospect.") A prospectus is literally a "foreseeing"--a way of looking ahead. In this case, you're looking ahead at your own argument to determine what you'll need to argue based on your own ideas and information about your audience. To learn more about the Prospectus, choose any of the items below:

Do the following steps on a separate sheet

  1. Take your Position
  2. Analyze your Audience
  3. Roleplay Your Audience's Response to Your Position
  4. Develop your Claim
  5. Develop your Reasons
  6. Arrange your Evidence
  7. Write a Brief