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Class Plan -- Unit Three, Day 2



Setup Needs:


The first task in exploring language in your own academic/professional    

field is finding out what you want and need to know about that field.     

Spend a few minutes brainstorming.  Based on the goals of the             

assignment, what do you need to find out about writing and language in    

your field in the three areas you'll explore (class assignments,          

academic writing, and workplace writing)?                                 

While your students are working on the DAILY, make a three-column chart on the board or an overhead:

Classroom                Academic (professor)      Workplace                


Have your students come together, and briefly reiterate the interview assignment (perhaps have your students read the assignment sheet) and some of the ideas about interviewing they learned during the arguing unit. Be sure to stress courtesy and promptness in these interviews. They'll need to start making phone calls right away so they can set up the interviews in time, and there are a lot of CO150 classes doing this assignment.