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Class Plan -- Day 2 (GTA's Only)



Setup Needs:


"For the rest of the hour, your job is to begin to find a an incident     

you can use to focus your Literacy Essay, and to begin generating the     

detail you need to communicate that incident and its implications to      

your audience.  Start by working with any of the prewriting exercises on  

pp.    of the PHG.  If you work with one for ten minutes and it doesn't   

seem to get you anywhere, try a different one.  KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU      

HAVE SOME IDEAS YOU CAN WORK WITH."                                       

While your students are writing, make the rounds to field questions, encourage your writers (who'll be a little nervous about having to produce a draft), and push them to keep working with the prewriting techniques. Be gentle about it--but keep everyone moving. If anyone stops writing, have him/her try another technique.