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Setup Needs:


Break into groups of 4-5.  Try to get a group together which represents         

summary responses on as many different authors as possible.                     

Elect a group leader and someone to keep an eye on the time.  Everyone should   

record the group's results on the synthesis grid (on handout).                  

Read each other's Summary/Response drafts and, based on them, fill out the      

synthesis grid on how each author approaches each major language relationship   

we've discussed.  See if you can add at least one new relationship to our       

current list of five.                                                           

If you don't have any S/R's from one of the authors, work from your original    

practice S/R's.                                                                 

Have your students work on this for most of the remainder of the class. Circulate with help, encouragement, etc. (25-30 min.).