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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 8



Setup Needs:


What makes good reading?                                                  

 Since we've going to start reading some outside articles--and we're      

going to read several more--it'll be useful to think about how to make    

your reading most effective.  Write for a few minutes on the following    

questions, and we'll come together and discuss them.                      


What does a good reader DO and THINK ABOUT:                               

 Before reading                                                           

 While reading                                                            

 After reading                                                            

When you bring the class together, make a three column log on the board with categories for what to do before, during, and after reading. In each area, record students' responses on the board, asking your students to copy the chart as you go along. Be sure to emphasize rereading and annotation as those issues arise in the discussion. Keep the discussion going until you have a reasonable working process for critical reading outlined on the board. Once you've got that outline, tell your students to practice this process with the article they'll read for homework. (20-30 min.)