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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 5



Setup Needs:


To start the class, have the following prompt on the board or an overhead:

To start the class today:  Find your workshop partner from last time.     

Sit down together and discuss your responses to each other's essays.      

Make sure your partner fully understands the comments and suggestions     

you made, and don't let your partner off until you feel you have          

something that will really help you revise your own essay. Use the        

guidelines for good workshopping that we generated last time.  Take 15    


Areas To Improve         Suggestions                             Priority   

My audience needs to     Include short definitions of the terms  2          

have technical terms     in parentheses.                                    


My focus needs to be     Make a clearer statement of the focus   1          

clearer in first         in the first paragraph, and add                    

several paragraphs.      transitions to show my reader how the              

                         next few paragraphs relate to it.                  

The grammar gets         Proofread/edit, etc.                    3          

confusing in places                                                         

(see draft).