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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 2, Part 2 (GTA's Only)



Setup Needs:


Start out today by thinking about the activity we did on the first day    

of class, in which you tried to communicate instructions about how to     

draw a complex shape to another person.  But now, rather than thinking    

about what went wrong with those instructions, think about an ideal set   

of instructions for drawing that shape.  What qualities and elements      

would a set of instructions need to have so that someone could redraw     

the shape by simply reading them?                                         

After giving your students a few minutes to write, quickly flag back to the first writing element you discussed on the first day: Purpose/Audience. Quickly recap the definitions of those terms. Then, start putting their responses from the Daily on the board. Once you've got a good number of responses on the board, simply categorize those responses in terms of the other three writing elements. The categorization will be easy. For instance, anything about a step-by-step sequence or a logical order is Focus; sufficient explanations, enough detail, etc. relate to Development, and understandable, clear language relates to Coherence. Voila! The other three writing elements revealed! Note for your students how all these elements stem from the idea of communicating your Purpose clearly to your Audience. (10 minutes)