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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 17






Connections with first author

Connections with second author

Connections with third author

Your own point of view.

Another possibility is an organization in which the student's own point of view becomes the backbone of the essay, and the different authors come in as they become relevant, thus:

Inquiry Essay essays can also be organized as narratives which actually simulate the "conversation" between the authors and the writer. For instance, one student, after reading a series of essays on what possessions broadcast about a person, set her essay as a conversation in a used car lot. Each of the authors were salespeople, and each tried to sell her a different kind of car based on their various points-of-view. The student's response was to get back into her old car and drive away, explaining that that car said just what she wanted to say. Another student framed his essay as a conversation between the authors in a restaurant. At first, he literally eavesdropped on the conversation and reported to the reader on what the different authors were saying. When it became time for him to express his point of view, he literally got up and joined the authors at their table.