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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 12



Setup Needs:


Your assignment for next time will be to revise one of the practice       

Summary/Response drafts you've done, and get it ready for a peer          

workshop.  Let's spend the class today generated some guidelines you can  

use to revise.  To get started, do two things:                            


1.  Look back over the articles you've already worked with and see which  

one strikes you as the best one to use for your final Summary/Response.   

Which one grabbed you the most?  Which had the most interesting           

concepts?  Which one do you already have the best ideas about?  Write     

down which one you'd like to use and why.                                 


2.  Assuming an audience of classmates and considering the discussions    

we've had so far about summarizing and responding, what are the elements  

that any Summary/Response must have in order to effectively communicate   

its purpose to its audience?  Consider, here, what the essay should do    

in terms of each of the main writing elements:  focus, development, and   

coherence.  If you have time, map out a possible organization you think   

might work well.  We'll discuss your ideas when we come together.         

When your students are done with the Daily, start a discussion about the criteria for a good Summary/Responsein terms of each writing element, starting with purpose and audience and working your way through focus, development, coherence and organization. Keep going until you have a pretty comprehensive list on the board. (20-30 min)