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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 10



Setup Needs:


As you read in the PHG for today, an analytical response requires you to  

state a claim about the effectiveness or value of an article, and then    

convince your audience that your claim is a valid one.  Today, we're      

going to practice analytical responding with the Richard Rodriguez        

article.  To get started, consider the following claim about Rodriguez:   


"While Rodriguez describes his personal experiences with language well,   

his point that bilingual education is destructive isn't adequately        



Assuming an audience of classmates who have read and analyzed this        

article, what would you need to do to convince your audience of this      

claim?  (HINT:  Start with the questions and/or objections that you       

think your audience might have to this claim, and then see what points    

and supporting evidence you'd need in order to convince them.)            

When your students are done with this Daily, use it to begin a discussion on what goes into an analytical response. Start by getting your students' ideas about what questions their audience would have about the claim, and show them, step-by-step on the board, how they can organize a response by answering those questions and finding evidence from the text to support their answers. By the end of the discussion, you should have a working outline based on the "claim" in the Daily. (15 Min.)