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Unit 3, Day 44:  Wednesday, December 5


-         Final workshop on Essay 4 drafts

-         Give students Postscript questions


Connection to course goals:  This class meeting emphasizes the importance of ongoing revision during the writing process.




1.      Workshop Essay 4 (45 minutes):  Design a workshop that highlights the aspects of this assignment that you think need most attention as students make final revisions to their papers. See the Essay 4 Workshop Guide sheet in the appendix for ideas.


2.      Have students read the feedback they received on their draft and begin writing a revision plan (5 minutes)


3.      Give students the Essay 4 postscript questions (2 minutes):  Create your own Postscript questions.






-         Revise and proofread your Essay 4 draft.   Be prepared to hand it in with all process work on the assigned due date.

Prepare for final meeting.