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Unit 3, Day 32:  Wednesday, October 31


What you’ll do today in class:


-         Group presentations on readings

-         Generate exigencies and audiences for potential issues


Connection to course goals:  Today’s class introduces other possible educational issues and gives students practice in finding social exigencies and audiences that are coherent with those issues.




1.      Have groups meet to prepare for their presentations (5 minutes):  Remind students of what each group should accomplish (summary, list of issues, reaction) and circulate around the classroom to respond to any final questions.  Give each group an OH and pen to write their responses so they can present them to the whole class.


2.      Group presentations (35 minutes):  Have each group present the key points and issues raised in their assigned article and their reactions to the potential importance of those issues.  While they’re presenting, you might keep track of the possible issues on the board or have someone do this.  Also, it’s not entirely crucial that groups get every main point from an article, but make sure they’re not missing major points or misrepresenting their assigned text.




3.      Generate exigencies and audiences for issues (10 minutes):  Design an activity that asks students to connect the issues listed from group presentations to concerns about writing context (i.e. specifying an exigence and audience for each).  For each issue they use, get students to explain how they see that particular issue, exigence, and audience fitting together.




Assignment for Day 33:


-         Read “Writing a Research Paper” in PHG (539-550).

-         Review the articles from today’s presentations and bring PHG and RC back to class Friday.