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Prospectus for Essay 2


This prospectus asks you to outline a tentative "plan" for your Essay 2, including your tentative thesis, your ideas for evidence, and how it all connects to the context for the assignment.  Be sure to respond to questions 1-4 below in a REPLY to this posting by the assigned due date.  I will respond to these and offer initial feedback/suggestions.


1.       At this point, which text are you planning to evaluate for the Essay 2 assignment and why?   (Why does this particular text stand out as one you want to work with and think will work well?)


2.       Identify here your tentative thesis, or overall claim.  Are you recommending or not recommending the text and based on what criteria?  (Why would the text be useful or not useful for the purposes of your reader—the professor?)


3.       List all of the evidence you can think of that might help support your thesis (your recommendation to use or not use the text based on your criteria).   Provide as much detail as possible.


A.     Relevant evidence from the text (this should be your primary form of evidence):

·         What particular passages or aspects of your focus text can you use as evidence for your thesis?   Include direct quotes and paraphrases and page number references in the text itself.   [For instance, if you are recommending the text because you think it would generate valuable discussion on  conflicts between home and work life and how they can be resolved, what particular passages or parts of the text could be used as a basis for this discussion?]


·         Also, provide an explanation of each piece of evidence just below where you list it:  Why/how does it help prove your point about the text’s usefulness for your reader?  [For instance, following the example above, explain specifically why and how these passages or parts could be used.  Why would they be especially useful to your reader?]


B.      Relevant evidence from personal experience/observation, or from other texts:


·         What personal evidence might you have that you can use as further support for your recommendation?   Also, what evidence from other texts might help you make your point?  [For instance, what experience or observation as a student, reader, worker, researcher, etc. could you use?]


·         Again, provide an explanation for why and how you think this personal or “outside” evidence supports your thesis.



4.       Finally, identify and discuss here any questions you have about the Essay 2 context/assignment.  What would you like to have clarified or discussed further?