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Essay 3 Workshop Guide


Writer’s Name  _________________                        Reader’s Name _________________


Writer:  Before you exchange, identify here any specific questions/concerns or places in your draft you want your reader to respond to in particular.  Also, identify for your reader your specific audience and purpose in writing to that audience.  







Reader:  Read through the draft once to get an overall sense of what the paper is addressing; read for meaning.  Read through a second time, annotate and respond to the following questions.


1.       After reading the entire draft, summarize in your own words the writer’s thesis (or overall claim).  What particular cultural message (or related messages) is the writer centering the analysis on, and what does the writer see this text “doing” with that message (or related messages) in a cultural sense?   What suggestions do you have for how the writer might strengthen or narrow the focus further?  Does the focus display a clear sense of the purpose for this assignment?  Explain.









2.       Mark a (?) in any place in the draft that seems tangential or unrelated (or less clearly-related) to the overall focus of the paper and explain below why you think this section may stray from that focus.








3.       Mark at least one effective piece of “textual” evidence with a (*), and then explain below why you found that evidence effective.  Also, mark at least one effective piece of “outside” evidence and explain why/how it helps develop the thesis.











4.       Write (MORE) in any place (identify at least one) in the draft that you think could use more evidence, and then explain below what that place could use to allow the reader to more easily understand the writer’s argument.













5.       Write (EXPLAIN) next to any point or evidence that isn’t clearly or fully explained in terms of the overall purpose and thesis.  That is, how does this point/evidence connect to the writer’s overall claim—what he or she wants to argue about the way this text responds to it’s cultural context, and why that’s significant?













6.       List below at least 2 strengths of this draft, and explain briefly why these aspects of the paper are working well.










7.       List your 3 main suggestions for revision here.  Be specific.