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How to Login to Our Class Web Forum on SyllaBase


Using Syllabase:  We will use the web forum and other tools provided by SyllaBase for posting responses to readings and discussions from class, in addition to drafts of some writing assignments.  We will also designate one of the forums as a place for an ongoing discussion for concerns, questions and feedback you have about the course.  Responses to questions/writing assignments on the forum will count as part of your homework grade.


-          From the Eddy computer classroom or Eddy 300 lab, open any browser and it should bring up the HOME page (“The Writing Well Café” title is at the top of the page).  If you do not see this screen, click on the “Home” button on the top of the screen.  Or you can get to SyllaBase from any browser by entering the URL address:


-          From the Eddy 4 home page, under the “Courses” title on the HOME page, click on the “Login to Your Class Resource Page Using SyllaBase” title (to the left of the graphic)


-          Now you should be at the SyllaBase login screen (white and purple).  Enter your username (in this case, your email address) and then your password (your student number WITH NO DASHES).


-          Click on the gray “Login” button at the bottom


-          At the next screen, scroll down to “COCC 150:  College Composition” with our section number and click on it


-          Click on “Communication Tools and Exercises” from the top menu


-          Click on “Discussion Forums” (yellow text)


-          Click on “Forum 1” (on the left side with the blue background)


-          Scroll down and you should see my posted message. Click on it


To Post a Message:  Get into Forum 1 (if you are not already there).  Click on the “Post” button (you may have to scroll down to see it).  Then give your message a title and type your message in text box.  When you’ve finished your message, scroll down and click on the grey “Submit” button.


To Edit a Message:  Click on your posted message.  Then click on the green “Edit” button on the top of the screen.  After you’ve made changes to your text, scroll down and click on the “Submit” button.


To Reply to a Message:  When you are reading a message you’ll notice a purple “Reply” button on the top of the screen.  Click on “Reply,” type your message, and then click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.