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Assignment: 00-01
Essay 2 - Evaluating a Text's Usefulness For a Professor

Much like the first essay, this essay will once again ask you to read an essay critically, and respond to the main points or ideas of the essay. In this case, however, your audience is a more academic one and the context and purpose of your response has changed. For this essay, imagine you are now writing in response to the request of a Sociology professor who is creating a course on the theme of the individual and society. She has decided that all of the essays we've read will fit topically with the theme of the course based on her research and their titles, and is interested in student views on how effective these essays will be in other ways relevant to a classroom. Of course, the professor will first want to know that you understand the essay you're responding to, what specific main ideas the essay makes, and what specific criteria you're basing your evaluation on, so the first task is to consider these needs of the audience within the overall context.

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