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Unit Three, Day 25 - Tuesday, November 14

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to Course Goals: The first activities emphasize the prewriting and revision parts of the writing process by asking students to first state their tentative claim and then revise it to better fit their purpose, audience, and context. Un-packing claims is a necessary part of the essay's context because any academic audience expects that the implied claims within a thesis will be dealt with thoroughly. Considering what evidence they'll need is also a context-based issue, and using live sources asks students to consider how these types of sources might be appropriate to their individual writing contexts.

  1. WTL: You should, in your homework, have articulated a clear and narrow issue. To start today, write what you think will be your overall claim(s) in response to that issue.
  2. (5 min)

  3. Discussion of different types of claims to clarify definitions.
  4. (10 min)

  5. Group activity. In groups of 3, accomplish the following tasks. They'll need to use their homework writings and the claims they wrote for the WTL.
  6. (20 min)

  7. Discuss what claims imply about evidence.
  8. - Also, remind them that types of claims will suggest different types of proof. The PHG is set up to focus on different types of claims in different chapters:

    Type of claim Chapter

    Value "Evaluating"

    Solution/policy "Problem-solving"

    Cause-effect "Cause-effect"

    Fact "Informing"

    (5-10 min)

  9. Return to groups to get suggestions on what evidence will be expected.
  10. (15 min)

  11. Based on the feedback, consider how the sources they already have will fit into their context.
  12. (5 min)

    Transition: We've just been considering what kinds of evidence you'll need, so let's now look at another form of evidence that might prove useful - live sources.

  13. Using Live Sources.
  14. (10 min)

  15. WTL: Looking at your focus, claim, purpose, etc., how might live sources be useful as evidence for your essay? How could you incorporate live sources? which types of live sources seem like they might fit? How might your audience affect your use of live sources? What live sources would they consider credible?
  16. (5 min)



Bring copies of the sources you used in the Position Analysis


PHG, "Documenting Sources, MLA", pp. 583-592