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Unit Three, Day 22 - Thursday, November 2

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to Course Goals: The group presentations help generate appropriate topics for our context and show the range of issues that exist within the topic of education. The discussions on research introduce a new skill that is necessary to effectively respond to the context of an academic argument.


  1. Prepare for Group Presentations.
  2. (10 min)

  3. Group presentations.
  4. (30-45 min)

    Transition: We've spent the past two days looking at essays to discover the range of topics that exist within the overall field of education. For Tuesday you'll have to start focusing down to your own topic in order to begin researching, so now let's consider how to turn a topic into an effective research question.

  5. Discuss research questions
  6. (5-10 min)

  7. Ask them to write some sample research questions with the various issues they generated in the group presentations.
  8. (5-10 min)

    Transition: Once you have a research questions, you have to go out and research. Let's consider now what research entails, some of the concerns you have or problems you've run into in the past, and where you might look for sources.

  9. WTL: Past research experiences? Questions or concerns going in to research?
  10. Discuss research
  11. (NOTE: If you have time or can make time, it can be useful to schedule one class-meeting in the library. You can either run a library exercise on your own, or have one of the reference librarians run the class and explain the library's resources. In either case, plan well in advance and make sure to check with the library early to either schedule a librarian-led session or make sure you can bring your class in)


Find one article on the issue you're planning to research and argue about for the final essay

List all of the issues you find in that article


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