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Unit Three, Day 21 - Tuesday, October 31

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to Course goals: The first activities help generate issues appropriate for the Essay 4 context. Sizer and Gatto also encourage turning the critical eye we worked on in Unit 2 upon the institution of education. Discussing the rhetorical contexts starts showing students specific contexts, purpose, and audiences that exist within the discipline of education.


  1. Discuss issues found at the online discussion sites.
  2. (10 min)


  3. Discussion (group or classwide) of main points in Gatto and Sizer to bring out new issues you can add to the list you generated on Thursday.

    Some possible points from each essay (but there are many more)



    (25-30 min)

  4. Compare Gatto's ideas with Sizer's for similarities and differences.

    (5-10 min)

    Transition: We've looked at the various issues that these essays raise, but let's now turn to considering some of the rhetorical concerns with these essays to get an idea of why people write about these issues, what they try to accomplish, who they conceive of as audiences, etc.

  5. Discuss the rhetorical context of the Gatto and Sizer essays.
  6. (5 min)

  7. Apply this to our issues: Have them turn them to the list of issues you've generated so far and ask them to generate possible purposes and audiences for a few of those topics.
  8. (10 min)

  9. Assign groups for the topic presentations on Thursday. They'll be broken into five groups, with one group reading 2 essays.
  10. (NOTE: Make sure you assign groups for this activity. Don't necessarily put all the brighter students together, or anything that extreme. But make sure you've got some groups that won't complain about reading two essays, or having to read the longest essay)

    - Let the groups meet for 5 minutes or so during today's class to organize. They might want one or two people to focus on summary, and one or two to focus on generating issues.

    (10 min)



Your assigned essay

RC, Moffatt, "How College Students Choose Majors", p. 124

PHG, Estrich, p. 389 AND PHG, Ehrenreich, p.151

PHG, Petrie, p. 37

PHG, Postman, p. 394

PHG, Tannen, p. 480


Summary or list of issues - what your group agrees on in preparation for presentation