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Unit Three, Day 42 - Monday, December 4

What we'll do today in class:


For today's class, decide whether students would be better served by individual conferences with you, or with an additional workshop for the final essay. If conferences were particularly helpful with Essay 3, or you get the sense that many students have questions that are rather specific to their issues, conferences are probably a good idea.

If, on the other hand, it seems that students are progressing well and their concerns at this point are more with their drafting process, it might be more helpful to move on to a full workshop and have an extra workshop before they hand in the essays.

You might also use this day as a "flex-day." That is, if you fall behind earlier in the semester, this is a day that can be sacrificed before some of the more important classes with activities that can't really be skipped.

Assignment: A complete draft for workshop on Wednesday