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Unit Three, Day 34 - Wednesday, November 8

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to course goals: The first activity is designed to help students find positions in their sources, a requirement for this context because their first goal is to analyze and understand the various positions within an issue. We then introduce source evaluation as an expectation of an academic argument. In order to effectively meet this context students must be able to find credible sources so they can support their arguments effectively.


  1. Group analysis of Wiesenfeld (Appendix) article to find different positions he takes or that he implies exist.
  2. Discuss group analyses.
  3. (10-15 min)

  4. Evaluating sources. Discuss the purpose of evaluating sources, and then the reading from the PHG so they know how to evaluate both internet and library sources.
  5. (10 min)

    4) Evaluate the source they brought to class. Have them use the information from the previous discussion to evaluate the 2 sources they brought to class.

    (10 min)

  6. Have them exchange their sources to have other people evaluate them as well.
  7. (5-10 min)


Using one of your articles (or a new article if you so desire), come up with at least 3 positions taken or implied by the author.

Decide on your issue

Bring your articles back to class


PHG, "Narrowing and Focusing your subject", pp. 551-555