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Unit Three, Day 29 - Wednesday

Class Goals: Begin issue-oriented reading by comparing myths and realities of education in "Introduction" to Chapter and "Report. . . ".

Connection to Course Goals: Builds on myths/realities comparison of cultural analysis begun in Unit One and helps students detect issues within a specific field of inquiry (education, in our case).


  1. Discussion to get at main points of readings. Devise questions for groups or a large class discussion that will bring out the following points and put answers on board:

"Introduction to Chapter "

"Report. . . "

  1. Group activity What issues concerning school, based on this list of main points on the board, can be found in these essays? What issues does it bring up from their own experience?
  2. After they report answers, they will want to hold on to them. Now we are reading to generate a sense of pressing issues in a field of study (ie. education) to choose one to focus on and to gain more information about the concern in this field. CSOW: Help them to see how this will be important to their next assignments.

Assignment: Read Gatto (166) and Anyon (186) and write a brief summary of their perspectives and how they contrast with one another.