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Unit Two, Day 19 - Tuesday, October 24

What We'll do today in class:

Connection to course goals: The different outlines emphasize that a writer can make choices in terms of how to organize Essay 3. The backwards outline workshop emphasizes writing as a recursive process, and helps them revise, with a specific focus on transitions.


  1. WTL: What are the "parts" of the assignment for Essay 3? What sections will your essay need to meet the context? (5 min)
  2. Discuss the WTL: Here you're after a list of the different parts of essay 3, in preparation for seeing 2 examples of how these parts could be organized in the essay itself. The parts should include:
  3. Look at possible organizations for Essay 3.

OH #1

Thesis: Friends perpetuates gender myths at the same time as it tries to undercut or change some of them. As a result, viewers can have whatever view of gender they already believe--stereotypical or more modern--reinforced when watching it.


1. Explanation of what gender myths are in our culture in general.

2. Specific myth: Women are obsessed with appearance and clothes.

3. Specific myth: Men are afraid of commitment.

4 and 5: more examples like 2 and 3

5. Conclusion: How viewers might react


OH #2

Thesis: ER is so popular because, given the health care crisis and malpractice suits, people are afraid that doctors care more about insurance and money than taking care of them. ER helps us feel secure that doctors put our needs first and that accidents, when they occur, are taken very seriously.


1. Description of current cultural situation - Uninsured people, malpractice suites,people's attitudes toward doctors

2. Specific Way ER addresses these fears: Indigent patients receive the best care

- Example of drunks, drug addicts, etc. on show and care they receive

3. Specific Way ER addresses these fears: Doctors receive the highest level oftraining.

- Examples of the type of supervision and instruction Carter or Lucy receive on aspecific show

4. Specific Way ER addresses these fears: When accidents occur, doctors arereprimanded and go into a crisis because they are so upset over their error

5. Effect on Viewers

  1. After looking at the outlines, have them return to their essays and consider the following.
  2. Transition: Explain that today' workshop will ask them to examine the organization and coherence of their own essays, and how transitions play a role in maintaining coherence and focus.

  3. Discuss the PHG reading on Transitions
  4. Lead them through the backwards outline workshop.
  5. - When you get through column 2, move on to #7 and #8.

    (25-30 min)

  6. After they've completed the second column (how does this point/paragraph connect to the overall claim), pause to return to the reading from the PHG on "Transitions."
  7. Lead them through column 3. (10 min)
  8. 9) Once they've completed column 3, ask them to again consider whether the connection they have in the column is made explicitly in the text. Have them write possible transitions they could use to move easily between paragraphs and points.



    Revise your draft for a second workshop on Thursday.