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Unit Two, Day 16 - Thursday, October 12

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to Course Goals: Students will again look at how academic writing and thinking skills can be applied to larger cultural contexts. The activities on audience, purpose and focus show how they'll have to respond to the context for Essay 3, and they'll also examine this context in terms of what it will require for evidence.


  1. WTL: What type of function(s) is each author doing? Find specific places in the text to support your claims about what type of analysis the authors do. Remember, they may be doing both! (5min)
  2. Discuss the King and Rapping essays. Your goal in this discussion is to cover once again the three areas we've looked at in previous analyses - what type of function are they doing? What is their purpose/Context/audience? What do they use (and how effective is) their evidence?
  3. Transition

  4. Group activity on Purpose/Focus/Audience with their homework assignments from last Thursday. The goals of this activity are to get them thinking about what choices they can make in terms of purpose and audience, and to have students consider how to state their focus in the form of a clear claim. We're trying to show how these homeworks may have to be changed if they were to be used for the actual Essay 3 assignment.
  5. (NOTE: you will have read the homework assignments and selected two - one Function for Viewer and one Function for Culture - that you think will work well for this activity. Typically you'll want to look for homeworks that already have some focus, have used some evidence, but may have to be adjusted based on a new audience or purpose, or perhaps they aren't clearly focusing on Function for Culture or Function for Viewer, which they'll have to do to meet the context for essay 3. Make enough copies of each homework assignment for each student.)

  6. Share the Overhead's to see what people came up with for Audience, Purpose, and Focus.
  7. Transition: Now that you've given your homeworks a more defined purpose and audience, and developed a claim, lets look and see how those changes may have affected what you would need to use as evidence in your analysis.

  8. Analyze the evidence needed for this analysis. Have the class look at what the groups came up with for A/P/F and what their original essay used as evidence, and consider the following questions.
  9. Transition

  10. Have groups write an introduction for their analysis on a second overhead, keeping in mind the audience, purpose, and focus they just came up with. Also remind them about the goals of an introduction - they should prepare the reader for what's to come in terms of main and sub-points, as well as give the reader a reason to read the essay. (10 min)
  11. Share introductions:
  12. If time…

  13. Take 5 minutes to begin writing on possible audiences you might choose to address in your own analysis. You might think about the audience for your show, what general purpose you may have in mind for your analysis, etc.

Conclusion: We'll be moving on Tuesday toward activities focused around your own essays and helping you in choosing an audience, purpose, and focus appropriate for Essay 3.



A one-page typed writing which:

  • identifies the show you'll analyze
  • 3-4 aspects of the show you could focus on
  • These could just be possible cultural topics or might be specific messages or anxieties you've already identified
  • 3-4 possible audiences you could address.
  • 3-4 possible purposes you could try to accomplish


The sample essays (APPENDIX)