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Unit Two, Day 28 - Wednesday, October 25

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to course goals: The different outlines emphasize that a writer can make choices in terms of how to organize Essay 3. The backwards outline workshop emphasizes writing as a recursive process, and helps them revise, with a specific focus on transitions.


  1. Lead them through the backwards outline workshop.
  2. (15-20 min)

  3. After they've completed the second column (how does this point/paragraph connect to the overall claim), pause to return to the reading from the PHG on "Transitions."
  4. Discuss the PHG reading on Transitions
  5. (5-10 min)

  6. Have students practice writing transitions for their essay.

    (5 min)

  7. Lead them through column 3.
  8. (10 min)

  9. Once they've completed column 3, ask them to again consider whether the connection they have in the column is made explicitly in the text. Have them write possible transitions they could use to move easily between paragraphs and points.
  10. (10 min)

    IF TIME…

  11. Once they've completed a backwards outline on their own essay, have them exchange and start a backwards outline of a classmate's essay.



Revise your draft for a second workshop on Friday.