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Unit Two, Day 23 - Friday, October 13

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to course goals: Asks students to analyze how one might apply academic writing and thinking skills to cultural contexts. Begins to get students thinking about purpose, audience, and focus in terms of the analyses they read and their own assignment, which emphasizes writing as a response to context. Looks at what types of evidence are used and how that evidence is also a response to the writing context.

  1. Discuss completed worksheets.
  2. ESSAY






    Context and Audience

    (10-15 min)

    TRANSITION: Now that we've discussed their overall analyses and examined their contexts to determine what their purpose was and who they were writing to, let's examine how those decisions affected what each author uses as evidence.

  3. Using the chart, examine each author's choice of evidence. Your goal here is to get students to see how their choices in terms of the type of function they choose and their overall purpose and audience will affect what they'll need as evidence.
  4. Some possible discussion questions

    Some examples of how evidence is related to the concerns on the chart

    (10-15 min)

    Transition: Let's now turn back to your homework analyses from the other day. The assignment was just to write a response, but now let's consider how to take these homework assignments and consider how to clarify a purpose, an audience, and a focus that would be appropriate if they were to be used for Essay 3.

  5. Group activity on Purpose/Focus/Audience with their homework assignments from last Thursday.
  6. (NOTE: you will have read the homework assignments and selected two - one Function for Viewer and one Function for Culture - that you think will work well for this activity. Typically you'll want to look for homeworks that already have some focus, have used some evidence, but may have to be adjusted based on a new audience or purpose, or perhaps they aren't clearly focusing on Function for Culture or Function for Viewer, which they'll have to do to meet the context for essay 3. Make enough copies of each homework assignment for each student.)


    (15 min)

  7. Share the overheads to see what people came up with for Audience, Purpose, and Focus.
  8. (NOTE: Collect their overheads so you can bring them back on Friday. You'll be using their OHs in an activity on analyzing expectations of evidence)

    IF TIME…

  9. Compare the contexts of the two essays to the context for Essay 3. The goal here is to build on the last discussion and try to get students thinking about what options they'll have in terms of purpose and audience for Essay 3.
  10. Discussion questions



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