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Unit Two, Day 22 - Wednesday, October 11

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to course goals: The first activity asks students to use the type of evidence that they'll have to use to meet the context for Essay 3. It also encourages them to look closely to find more subtle messages and evidence from the show, another requirement of the context. The analysis of Bennett will carry over to Friday and will help students understand the distinction between the two modes of analysis, as well as how context and audience affect our choices in writing a cultural analysis.


  1. Look at students' claims and use of detail as sample.
  2. (10 min)

  3. Pass out remainder of details and discuss how other groups' details could be used.
  4. (5-10 min)

  5. Add to your analysis with details from other groups(COLLECT)
  6. (10 min)


  7. Analyze Bennett - WTL: Underline all of his claims and label them either Function for Viewer or Function for Culture.
  8. (5 min)

  9. Discuss Bennett as class.
  10. ESSAY






    Context and Audience



    (10 min)

  11. Discuss context of Bennett.
  12. (10 min)

  13. Handout worksheet (APPENDIX) and have them fill in Bennett's side, Gaines will be for homework.

(5-10 min)


  • Compare the context of Bennett to the context for Essay 3. The goal here is to build on the last discussion and try to get students thinking about what options they'll have in terms of purpose and audience for Essay 3.
  • Discussion questions

    (5 min)



    RC, Donna Gaines, "How Jenny Jones Saved My Life", 29-33

    Complete the second half of the worksheet (appendix) from class today for Gaines