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Unit Two, Day 19 - Wednesday, October 4

What we'll do today in class:

Connection to course goals: The discussion of Essay 3 again emphasizes the importance of context in the writing process by encouraging students to consider the different audiences and purposes possible for this assignment. Discussing the two essays should touch two of the main goals of CO150 - showing how writing can be used to gain a voice in culture (they chose to write to express their views on advertising) and how important context is to the writing process. They will also be asked to accomplish the latter goal by comparing the contexts of these essays with their own context in essay 3.


  1. Using their homeworks as a starting point, discuss the context and purpose of this essay. Your goal, here, is to just get them thinking in terms of responding to the context and the different expectations they'll have to meet and choices they'll be able to make.
  2. (10-15 min)

    Transition: We've now considered some of the expectations we'll have to meet based on the context for Essay 3. Let's now take a look at how cultural analysis plays out in essay form and what purposes and audiences the authors we read for today had in mind.

  3. WTL: Take about 5 minutes to jot down some thoughts on the following prompt to get us started on discussion…What gender myths do these authors feel advertising portrays? What effect do they feel it has on viewers?
  4. (5 min)

  5. Discuss the Lewis and Kilbourne essays.
  6. (15 min)

    (5-10 min)

    (5-10 min)

    (5-10 min)

    This whole discussion should take between 30-35 minutes.



Reserve Reading, Katz, "Advertising and the Construction of Violent White Masculinity", 458-466

(NOTE: The Katz essay is included in the appendix, and can be placed on reserve at the library. Copying the essay for the whole class would violate copyright laws.)


A one-page summary of the gender myths Katz is concerned with and a comparison of those myths and Katz's argument to the two we discussed today.