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Unit One, Day 11 - Tuesday, September 26

In class today we'll:

Connection to course goals: Emphasizes the recursive nature of the writing process and the importance of revision in producing a text that meets the context and accomplishes the writer's goals. Also, the discussion of revision is designed to produce a clearer and more constructive idea of what revising a text actually entails. Here students begin to see that revision means not only the words on the paper, but the ideas they're trying to communicate through those words.

  1. Workshop Essay 2 drafts.
  2. Discuss revision. Your goal here is to demonstrate to students that an important part of revision is re-thinking the ideas and the focus of an essay, not just correcting grammar and mechanics, or changing a few words around.




Revise Essay 2

Bring Final Essay 2 in folder with appropriate materials

Complete the following Postscript questions for Essay 2:

(NOTE: These questions are designed to get students to think back over their writing process for Essay 2 and consider what they think worked well, what they might do differently, and what they may have learned from writing this essay.)