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Unit One, Day 5 - Wednesday, August 30

What they'll do today in class:

Connection to course goals: Once again, practicing finding main ideas is a skill necessary to meet the writing context they've been given in Essay 1. The activity on development moves to another skill necessary to meet this writing context - in order to meet it effectively (i.e. make a good choice as a writer) they'll have to develop their points with specific personal experiences.

INTRODUCTION: Using the goals and activities above, devise a brief introduction that explains what they'll be doing today in class and why.

  1. Groups to generate the main ideas of the Fiske essay.
  2. (10 min)

  3. Discuss the essay. Here we're again trying to make sure they do understand the main ideas and then get them started on reacting to those ideas. The Fiske essay is a bit more difficult to pin down than the Chapkis, so be sure that students have a handle on the main ideas before getting into reactions and their homework assignments.
  4. (15 minutes)

  5. Practice reacting to an essay's main ideas.
  6. (10-15 minutes)

    Transition: We've been reacting to Fiske's essay, but the next step in the context for Essay 1 is supporting a reaction with evidence. Let's take a look now at how you might support your reactions to this and other essays.

  7. Using their homework writings, discuss supporting their responses. Your goal in this discussion is to get students to begin thinking about how to support their reactions.

Try to push students beyond "reasons" to actual evidence. Remember that reasons are telling why they reacted the way they did (I think Chapkis is wrong because because I haven't been treated differently based on my attire at work), evidence is specific support showing why they reacted that way (expanding on the aforementioned reason by specifically describing for the reader their attire at work and how they were treated). See the overall course goals for more on Reasons vs .Evidence.



Read in PHG:

Wong, "The Struggle to be an All-American Girl," p. 26-28


A one-page summary and reaction to Wong.

A second one-page reaction to either Chapkis or Zoellner

In both reactions include: The main idea you're responding to, your reaction, and some explanation of why you think you react that way.

Bring your reaction to Fiske back to class