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Unit One, Day 12 - Monday, September 18

What they'll do today in class:

- Discuss their evaluations of Hochschild

- Explain why they chose their focus

- Map activity -- Importance of focus

Connection to course goals: The first activity practices the skills necessary to meet the expectations of the context for Essay 2. After summarizing, the group activity will show students both the expectations of the context (they have to evaluate some aspect of the essay) and the choices available to them (there are several parts of the essay they might look at). This activity and discussion also requires students to consider why they chose that focus, a question they'll have to ask in writing their own essays. Focus is a crucial part of a writing task, and the last activity is designed to show them in more abstract terms why focus is important.


  1. Discuss Hochschild


    (5-10 min)

    Transition: Now that we've seen the main points in Hochschild, let's look at your homework to see what choices everyone made for their evaluation.

  2. Group activity to show choices and importance of narrowing focus.

    - Break the students into groups based on what they focused on for their analysis.

    - Group the people who looked at evidence together, the people who analyzedstyle together, etc.

    - There should be 4 groups -- evidence, style, organization, agree/disagree

    - If there are too many people who looked at any one aspect of the essay, justmake two groups for that focus.

    - You might have a "miscellaneous group" in case people looked at more uniqueaspects of the essay in their evaluation.

    - If you don't have anyone who responded to an aspect of the essay, that's okay.Just make sure to discuss possible reasons that no one chose this as a focusfor their evaluation.

    (10-15 min)

  3. Discuss the groups' responses.

    - Your goal in this discussion is to emphasize

    - the availability of choices in meeting a context

    - the importance of focusing their evaluation

    (10-15 minutes)

    Transition: We've now seen several different ways you might evaluate an essay to meet the context for Essay 2, now let's move to putting this to practice in your own essays. Let's first consider some of the writing concerns that you'll have to deal with.

  4. Focus activity - drawing maps. This activity is designed to show students the importance of narrowing the focus of their text. You can let them know this beforehand, but I usually like to keep them guessing as to why we spend 5 minutes drawing maps in a writing class. It keeps them intrigued, which (as I'm sure you know by now) can sometimes be hard to do.
  5. (15 min)

    - In writing Essay 2 one of your first goals is to narrow your purpose and focus so you can easily lead a reader through your evaluation.

    IF TIME...

  6. Have them practice narrowing their focus and purpose with their chosen essay. You can do this as a combined listing and freewriting activity.
  7. (5 min)

  8. Conclusion



PHG "Kinds of Evidence" p. 157

Choose the essay you'll evaluate for Essay 2


A one-page freewrite on the following prompt: Looking at your essay, what could you write on for Essay 2? What do you want to say about the essay? Should it be used? Why or why not?