Appendix 9: Essay 3 Workshop Sheet



  1. Locate the thesis statement(s) and recopy it on your response sheet. Un-pack the claim into parts: 1) What claim does the writer make about culture (what's the cultural myth or anxiety)? 2) What claims does the writer make about what the TV show does in relation to culture (reinforce, challenge, reassure)?




















  3. Look at the cultural claim (part 1). What evidence does the writer provide to support that claim (List their examples below)? Are there enough examples? Are the examples specific? Do the examples show what the writer claims - are they relevant? Are the examples sufficient to convince you that this is a dominant cultural myth? Why or why not?
















  5. Now look at the claim about the TV show (part 2). Does the writer offer specific examples from the show to support their claim? Point out any generalities that aren't supported with specific events from the show. Are there enough examples? Mark any places that could use more with the word "MORE". Do all of the examples stay focused on the same aspect of the show? Mark places where you think examples may stray from the focus with the word "STRAY".


















  7. Does the writer effectively explain how each example reflects the cultural claim? Point to places where this explanation could be clearer or more developed.














  9. What would be your three suggestions for revision on this essay?