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Effective July 1, 2019, access to public blogs, ePortfolios, and wikis have been removed from this site. This is part of a larger effort to retire the Writing Studio. Effective July 1, new accounts can no longer be created. It will no longer be possible to create new blogs, ePortfolios, wikis, and (for instructors) classes. You will continue to be able to log into the site to view materials you have created.

On or around January 1, 2020, we will remove access to the Studio completely. We will, however, keep the instructional materials (such as the Writing Guides and Teaching Guides) available on the larger Writign@CSU site for the foreseeable future.

Please note that you can download files you've saved in the Studio and view and save the work you have created in it as well. To do so, click on the Options menu and follow the links to your saved files and saved work.

While many of us are disappointed that the Studio will no longer be available, we take pride in the work that has allowed us to support more than 180,000 student writers and more than 2,000 instructors over the years. It has been a labor of love — and I say that sincerely — working on this project and with the many instructors and students who have offered suggestions for improving the Studio. I wish we could continue (heck, I wish I had a full-time programming staff who worked only on the Studio), but it's simply not in the cards.

-- Mike Palmquist,

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