Writing Activities

Each Writing@CSU writing activity provides you with a series of prompts about a writing or reading process. You can use the activities to practice a new writing or reading skill or to help yourself make progress on a writing project. Each activity can be completed multiple times, with each version saved to your current work folder. Writing Activities can also be printed, emailed, updated, or deleted.

Writing Processes

Writing Genres
Analyzing an Issue
Issue Analysis Worksheet
Defining a Problem
Analyzing a Problem
Revising a Science Argument
Alternative Solutions
Collecting Ideas for an Argument
From Collecting to Shaping an Argument
Narrowing from Topic to Thesis for an Argumentative Essay
Unpacking an Argumentative Thesis Statement
Writing Argumentative Claims
Supporting Argumentative Claims
Revising Your Argumentative Claim
Reviewing How You've Incorporated Proof into An Argument
Revising Coherence in the Argumentative Essay
Working with Claim/Proof/Warrant--Toulmin Method