News and Updates: Summer 2009

Bibliography Statistics: This information includes a bibliography's total number of sources, sources added "today," and the number of source with notes, evaluations, and/or annotations. Users can view this information for their own Bibliograpies, and Instructors can view these statistics for any of their student's bibliographies.

Instructor's Class Roster View: The Class Roster has been updated so instructors can view their class's co-instructors, pending invitations, and student roster all on the main Class Roster page.

Groups Instructor View: Previously, when an instructor visited the Groups main page in their class site, the page provided a link to "Manage Your Class Groups" along with the message "We're sorry. You do not appear to belong to any groups in this class." The instructor then had to go to the management page to view class groups and their work. A recent update allows an instructor to view group information and access their work from the main Groups page.

Quick Start Guides: There are now "Quick Start Guides" for both new users and instructors. These guides give a quick overview of how to use Writing@CSU and what features are available.

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