News and Updates: Spring 2008

Thanks to a system upgrade from ColdFusion MX7 to ColdFusion 8, we have access to some new features. One of these features is tabs, which we have used to update the usability and functionality of the ePortfolio, Class Projects, Group Projects management pages, Your Personal Page, Your Class Page, as well as the Classmates page.

When you are in your class sites, you will notice an additional option in the top green bar menu (to the right of "Your Pages"): "Class." This drop down menu gives you access to all of your current class features from anywhere in your class site. So, for example, if you are in the file folder, you can use this menu to go directly to the discussion forums, rather than having to return to the main page of the class to access the class feature links. This should make navigating your class sites much easier.

We've also added the Google Custom Search function to Your Personal Page, as well as Your Class Page, (the main page of a class site). Use it to search Writing@CSU or the Web.

In response to the changes we made in the Class and Group Projects (again, to make use of tabs), we've updated that section of the Writing Studio Help System:

The class management page that allows you to decide which elements to hide and show on a class page has been simplified.

It is now possible for students to add entries to the class calendar and for their Personal calendar entries to show up on their class calendars. Basically, it allows them to create personal entries that will show up on every class they're enrolled in and on their personal calendar (available through your personal page). Don't worry—these entries are only visible to the student who makes the entry, and they will know it's their entry because the title will include: "(Personal)."

The classmates page has been updated and now includes links to the shared and published ePortfolios and Blogs, as well as any shared with the user; commenting access given and granted between the classmate and the user viewing the page; links to classes/co-ops and their rosters the classmate and user have in common; and direct links to any files the classmate has loaded to the class file folder. The main options on this page continue to allow you to send an email to, share a Blog or ePortfolio with, or ask for comments on your work from the classmate.

There is now the option for writers to request an email notice each time a comment/reply is made to one of their Blogs or ePortfolios.