News and Updates: January 2014

During December 2013, the Writing@CSU site was once again substantially redesigned. The most obvious change is a new layout that scales to the size of your device, reduces clutter, and is touch friendly. To accomplish this, the site was recoded to support scaling. This involved using media queries to support the display of key navigation elements (primarily menus) on larger and smaller screens.

We also moved to a more visually appealing design, with less clutter on the pages and easier and more predictable access to navigation tools. Key changes include the following:

We continue to work to prepare the site for release as an open-source project. Gavin Miller, an undergraduate at Colorado State University who works at the Institute for Learning and Teaching, is nearing the end of the testing and documentation process. Once that work is completed, look for an announcement about availability of the code. Our intention continues to be to have the Studio available for use on both Windows Web servers and LAMP servers.