News and Updates: Fall 2010

The redesign and re-coding of the site is largely complete and the site seems to be running smoothly. We've upgraded the editor on the site (we use CKEditor and CKFinder), and you can now embed images in text that you save to the site (for example, in drafts, wiki pages, blogs, and ePorfolios). Instructors will find a new process for creating pages. We hope this simplify class creation and allow you to customize your class pages more easily.

Earlier this fall, we simplified the commenting tools used on the site. In early November, we completely revampled the commenting tools. This was part of a larger effort to update the composing tools on the site (in particular, the Drafting, Outlining, Ideas, and To-Do List tools) and to reflect those changes on the personal page and the folders page. It was a major effort, but it seems to be working well. Later this fall, we'll also tackle the bibliography tool and update how files are handled.

In terms of behind the scenes work, we've been able to address some slow-downs that were becoming a real problem over the past summer. After a bit of research, we found some default settings in our ColdFusion server that needed to be changed. Everything seems to be working reasonably well now.

We're also working on a major update to the help system. You can see the changes now. We'll be adding more help pages and, in some cases, videos that provide overviews of key tools on the site.