News and Updates: Fall 2008


Assignment Dropbox:

You can now upload files to your Personal Work Folders, found in the Folders tab of Your Personal Page, (with the option to view, share, update, move, or delete a file).

Updates to the Class File Folder: In this section of your class, you'll now find

You can now make class calendar entries to multiple class calendars. This will be a help to those of you who teach multiple sections of the same class on the same days (MWF or TR). When you open the page to create a new calendar entry, you will see a list at the bottom of the page that includes all of your currently shown classes. Simply check the boxes for the classes where you'd like the entry to be posted before pushing the "Add Entry to Calendar" button. Keep in mind, however, that when you want to update or delete a calendar entry, you'll need to do so for each individual class.