Resource Index

Use this page to find writing resources, organized by both writing process (what writers do) and genre (what writers produce). Also included in this index are links to a series of videos in which professional writers talk about their specific type of writing.

Writing Processes

Preparing to Write

Starting to Write

Conducting Research

Reading & Responding

Working with Sources

Planning, Organizing, & Drafting

Designing Documents

Working Together

Revising & Editing


Types of Writing


Composition & Academic Writing


Creative Nonfiction

Writing about Literature

Scholarly Writing

Business Writing

Science Writing

Writing in Engineering

Writing for the Web

Speeches & Presentations

Writers on Writing Videos

Non Fiction



Conducting Research

The following resources--guides, activities, and tools--are available to help you with your writing when you are Conducting Research.

Top Resources

Exploring Your Topic
Analyzing an Issue
Issue Analysis Worksheet
Reading the World Wide Web

Other Recommendations

Conducting Research with Google, Activity Version Two
Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research
Survey Research
Case Studies
Statistics: An Introduction
Ethnography, Observational Research, and Narrative Inquiry
Content Analysis
Generalizabilty and Transferability
Reliability and Validity