Resource Index

Use this page to find writing resources, organized by both writing process (what writers do) and genre (what writers produce). Also included in this index are links to a series of videos in which professional writers talk about their specific type of writing.

Writing Processes

Preparing to Write

Starting to Write

Conducting Research

Reading & Responding

Working with Sources

Planning, Organizing, & Drafting

Designing Documents

Working Together

Revising & Editing


Types of Writing


Composition & Academic Writing


Creative Nonfiction

Writing about Literature

Scholarly Writing

Business Writing

Science Writing

Writing in Engineering

Writing for the Web

Speeches & Presentations

Writers on Writing Videos

Non Fiction



Scholarly Writing

The following resources--guides, activities, and tools--are available to help you with Scholarly Writing.

Top Resources

Understanding Your Audience
Analyzing a Target Publication
Curriculum Vitae
Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research
Statistics: An Introduction
Case Studies
Ethnography, Observational Research, and Narrative Inquiry
Generalizabilty and Transferability

Other Recommendations

Reliability and Validity
Content Analysis