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June 10, 2016

Some Causes of Mouth Ulcers

What are the causes of mouth ulcers? There are many things to cause mouth ulcers actually. A small thing like using improper tooth brush can cause mouth ulcers, or the way we brush our teeth that unintentionally hurt the gums of the teeth will cause mouth ulcers as well. However, the exact cause is not known yet. The causes of ulcers to be appear in the mouth are various, from the mild mouth ulcers to more complex mouth ulcers. One thing for sure, if the mouth ulcers keep coming back to you, you have to see your doctor right away. It can prevent you from having serious health problems. Drinking a lot of water and eating nutritious food is also one of the ways to stay away from mouth ulcers. You can also use a natural home remedies for mouth ulcers to completely relieve this illness safely. And Take a look at the possible causes of mouth ulcers below.

The causes of mouth ulcers:


1. The causes of mild mouth ulcers:

·         The way we brush our teeth. Unintentionally hurt the gums of the teeth will cause mouth ulcers.

·         The use of too old tooth brush. The brush will hurt the gums of the teeth. Ulcers will appear on the gums.

·         Eating too many apples, lemons, pineapples, oranges, strawberries, and tomatoes.

·         Braces

·         Dental floss that is improperly used can hurt any part of the inside mouth for sure. The wounds and ulcers will appear.

·         Getting stress

·         Lack of water

·         Food allergies

·         Not get enough sleep

·         Etc.


2. The causes of more complex mouth ulcers:

·         Having problems in nutrition, such as lack of vitamin B12, zinc, and folic acid, and iron.

·         Having a damaged immune system.

·         Having gastrointestinal problems, like celiac and crohn’s disease

·         Having reaction like mouth ulcer appearance after consuming medicines for heart such as beta blockers, chest pain medicines, pain relievers, and medicines for reducing high blood pressure.

·         Having infections of herpes simplex

·         Having syphilis infection

·         Having mouth cancer

·         Etc.


If you have serious mouth ulcers you have to see your doctor and ask him or her to check it thoroughly. Prepare your mental and physic when the doctor tell you the result. Don’t worry too much because there is always a way to cure your illness. Be ready with insurance is beneficial as well.

Nobody wants to have mouth ulcers undoubtedly. However, mouth ulcers can appear just like that. Take a look at the tips below to prevent ulcers from coming up.

Tips to prevent mouth ulcers from appearing:

·         Make yourself be careful when chewing food, gums, etc. If you unintentionally bite your lips or inside your cheeks it will cause ulcers to come up.

·         Don’t drink sodas.

·         Don’t eat spicy and acidic foods. The foods will trigger sores.

·         Use high quality dental equipment, such as tooth brush, dental floss, tooth paste, etc.

·         Brush your teeth carefully.

See your doctor if you have these problems:

o    You have fever and mouth ulcers at the same time.

o    Your sores spread.

o    Your sores stay for a long time.

o    You have unbearable pains inside your mouth and your pain killers don’t work.

o    You have difficulty drinking water and other fluids because your mouth cannot easily be open and your mouth get hurts when the water flows inside.

o    You have abnormal sores.


It is suggested that you take care of the health well including your mouth. Live your daily life healthily and happily. Update yourself with health tips regularly. Obviously, causes of mouth ulcers are important to know.

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