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May 8, 2016

Biofibre synthetic hair transplant

With the prevalence of hair loss among millions of people all over the world, hair transplant remains the best method for hair restoration. The benefits of one opting for hair transplant outweigh other advantages of seeking an alternative method of restoration. There exist many forms of hair transplant; some which have been omitted and discouraged by professionals while others have been approved for use. Biofibre synthetic hair transplant is a method offered by  many of the clinics in India. In recent times, India has become a medical tourist hub especially for people seeking hair transplant surgeries. The main reason being the surgery cost is a lot more affordable compared to what it is in other countries. Within India, Delhi is a very popular destination for hair transplant as there are reputed clinics & having too many experienced hair surgeons. The cost of hair transplant in Delhi is also quite inexpensive.

Among the transplant methods discouraged are mostly those that left the unnatural look on the patients who opted for them. There are also those that have adverse side effects that may lead to repeated transplants on the same area if not handled appropriately.

Biofibre synthetic hair transplant is an artificial revolutionary hair implanted into the human scalp and acts as a replacement for the normal hair. This system of hair transplant is provided by a large number of clinics all over the world. There are trained medical practitioners who are skilled and experts in performing this operation. The moist interesting part of this transplant method is that it makes one look young and also encourages a robust sporting lifestyle. The hair that is transplanted, though artificial, looks very natural. The implants also give a full thickness of hair, but it does not grow. The hair color or wave can also not be changed. Maintenance of the implants is necessary, with washing and drying with the correct procedures. Depending on the preference of an individual, the transplant can be once or gradually to give the head full hair and hair line. It is also possible to mix transplant artificial hairs with the natural ones.  


The texture of the remaining hair and the patient's preference determines the length and color of hair.

In commencing the procedure, about 100 biofibres are placed in the baldness area for test of any possible reactions. The remaining fibers are then transplanted on the baldness area in one session when no reaction is noticed after one week under anesthesia. One is able to continue with his/her normal duties immediately after the procedure since there is no downtime.

Why biofibre synthetic hair transplant

This method is appropriate with those eager to solve their baldness problems. The operation is safe, efficient and has instant aesthetic results which last long.



  • The method offers a high density of hair within a short period, bringing along immediate cosmetic results and gives a natural look. This saves the patient from physical and psychological torture that may come with other methods.
  • Biofibre synthetic hair transplant meets the aesthetic requirements since the artificial hair that is used is not detectable to the natural hair, and they also come in variations of up to 21 colors, with different lengths that can be used in different hairstyles such as the curly, straight and wavy.
  • The procedure is simple, and one can get engaged in sports activities immediately after the transplant.
  • The thickening of hair for those who opt for this method is gradual and progressive.
  • The method is economically affordable.
  • It does not require high maintenance that may be a burden to the patients; the burden is therefore reducing the burden of maintenance.
  • The hair transplant does not bind; one is able to perform or stop the procedure when he/she deems it appropriate. It can also be performed singly or in conjunction with other surgical and medical treatments.
  • It is recommended for Androgenetic alopecia and scarring alopecia.

Maintenance requirements

There is strict program that has to be followed in the maintenance of biofibre after the transplant;

  • The scalp must be gently cleaned with the use of a special product that will be given at the health facility where transplant is done, every one to two days.
  • The patient should also do a check-up every 30 to 90 days at the biofibre clinic where the transplant was done, to check on the progress.

In order to maintain a clean and healthy scalp, these maintenance procedures have to be followed to the later, since a contrast of the same can bring nothing but ailments on the scalp itself, the entire head and the whole hair. Before one opts, for this procedure, he/she should be sure that it is appropriate. Male patients are the ones to be mostly affected in the event that they do not follow the correct maintenance procedures since they sweat more on their scalp as compared to women.


  • In spite of its generous, positive outcomes, biofibre synthetic hair transplant doesn't lack some limitations;
  • There are some small re-implants that are required for the maintenance of the aesthetic results that are achieved.
  • It requires high hygiene levels that must be adhered to, to prevent infection of the scalp.
  • The method cannot be used on patients who develop a reaction after the test transplant and is also not fit for use by those who suffer from other scalp ailments.
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