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March 18, 2015

The Longevity of an Animal

I have learned through my health studies assignments that animals, particularly dogs, need very special attention from when they are young to the very end of their life. Many dog owners believe it is okay to feed a dog whenever they dog wants to eat. That is because that is how humans are ingrained to think about themselves. You are hungry, have a snack. But this is not the case with dogs, especially puppies. They need to be on a very restrictive diet so they do not gain too much weight too fast. This is very important for dogs of size like German Shepherds or Greyhounds. They are naturally very big dogs and can gain nearly 60 pounds in their first year of life, an astounding number when you think that human babies gain only 10 pounds or less in their 1st year. Dog food brands are helping out dog owners by creating a very high nutrient blend of chicken, rice, and vegetables puppy food. They make this large breed puppy food available so owners can purchase it and follow the instructions on the bag. There are a couple of varieties that are very good, many you have heard of such as Purina, Wellness, or Blue Buffalo, made with all quality natural ingredients. Finding a top rated large breed puppy food brand can then be made easier this way. It's also important to give your dog regular exercise so they get in a routine. Making sure they stay active is imperative to a longer life. Too much food and too little exercise will cause joint pain and certain diseases that afflict dogs of size. Be sure to pay close attention to this if you plan to own a dog that can grow in excess of 75 pounds.

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